Campus Life

KISC has deliberately created an environment that will allow the young ones to discover who they are. We provide the ‘soil’ in which they can grow without fear, happily and integrally. Ours is an environment that builds self -confidence so children dare to take risks, an environment that nurtures a love for learning.


The school has a well structured guidance and counseling department involved in students issues, leadership mentoring, career guidance and frequent workshops for students tackling various topics.

The department also deals with discipline issues, study habit, respect for others cooperation and competition among learners.

KISC is a Christian based institution and therefore the spiritual well being of the students is of paramount importance. We have a very dedicated team of teachers who are in charge of this field.

During holidays, we have Scripture Union team who help the pupils to learn life skills that help them in their day to day life.


The school has a sanatorium which is well equipped with medicine and first aid facilities. There is a highly qualified resident nurse who is always available and closely monitors the students’ health.


Sanitation and hygiene are of high standards. There is a team of cleaners who maintain cleanliness in every area of the school. There is a borehole which provides enough water for proper cleanliness.

There is also clean piped water for drinking and cooking. A number of staff members are also accommodated in the compound to provide a high level of supervision and support for the boarders.


Fire extinguishers are strategically placed to enhance safety in case of fire out break. Every student has a personal accident insurance policy.

The safety of the students is very important and the school takes firm measures to ensure this.

There are both day and night security officers manning the school compound besides the school having a 24/7 alarm response systems installed.